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Wordsy is a game of longer words! Over the seven rounds of the game, you are trying to find the single best word on the board. Unlike other word games, you don’t need all the letters in your word to be available, but you’ll want to use as many as you can. So go ahead and use those really long words; they may just pay off here!

How wordsy can you be?

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More links, including replacement scoresheets and a print-and-play you can download and print yourself, here.

What people are saying

"Wordsy is familiar but fresh. It is easy to teach and learn. It encourages creative thinking. And it will not wear out its welcome over time since each new grid of letters provides a new challenge. This makes Wordsy a modern classic." - Major Fun Keeper Award from The Spiel podcast

"For some real lexicological fun try Wordsy, a slicker, more satisfying alternative that feels a bit like the classic gameshow Countdown... The result is simple, brainy and utterly addictive." - The Guardian

"Wordsy is truly a unique word building game that fosters creativity and clever thought over simple mastery of the English language. With its focus clearly on allowing its players to create words of their choosing over making them use all the letters revealed from round to round, Wordsy become incredibly approachable and enjoyable for a variety of gamers." - Man Vs. Meeple

"After several plays through the game, this is going to be one I get to the table as often as possible. It’s quick, anyone can play, and the myriad letter recombinations means near-infinite replayability." - GeekDad

"So here's the final word: if you enjoy speedy games that tax your nerves as well as your creative thinking skills, Wordsy is certainly one game to check out." - Cardboard Republic

"Wordsy gives me the freedom to dream big. The outlay provided by the cards is only a starting point. It’s an invitation to search my memory banks for words that fit the pattern of the letters on the board. It is definitely a step up in fun and challenge from Boggle and Scrabble and other games that limit your choices, and the addition of the timed bonuses really adds some punch to the experience." - Board Game Gumbo

"Wordsy is so smart in so many ways. The puzzle it presents is simple – open your word-hoard and release the most potent salvo you can. And yet, because of the timing element, each round has this really awesome arc of tension; you start slow and before you know it, someone decides that ‘quell’ is good enough and you’ve got 30 incredibly short seconds to decide between ‘loquacious’ and ‘qualifications’ and damn it, why did they have to start with such a short, obvious word?!?" - Gameosity

"It’s hard to crack the word game wall built by Scrabble and Boggle. But Wordsy does an excellent job in scaling that barrier. Fans of anagrams or code-breaking will find a lot to like here and, of course, a large vocabulary is definitely an asset. But you don’t have to be a “word genius” to have fun. Anyone with any interest in words – or seeking a respite from the more familiar “big boys” of word games, will find a light and likable diversion in Wordsy." Gamers Alliance, Fall 2017 issue

"Wordsy is game that takes the standard word game mechanics and flips them into something completely new and interesting. Not only does it shake things up, but it makes you have to think in different and unique ways, which is a blast!" - Meeple Mountain

"Overall, I love Wordsy, and I think this will have a spot on my shelf for a long time. I’ve already started steering my Scrabble-loving parents to this instead!" - The Opinionated Gamers

"Because Wordsy is quick to learn and play, and can be played quickly and with almost any number, I’d rate it a very strong 8 out of 10. If you are a word game enthusiast, you’ll definitely want it, but even if you are lukewarm about word games, this is one to have to hand as something to offer relatives or friends who might otherwise demand a longer more draining game." - Games Quest

"I have horrible memories of getting completely destroyed in Scrabble. I hate you triple word score! Wordsy is a word game that I was able to play and enjoy... Wordsy is a keeper for me and now feel like there is a word game I can enjoy. I would recommend this Wordsy to anyone." - SO1KS (Winner, Golden Taco of Excellence)

"Solving the issue of never having the right letters, Wordsy allows you to form a word using any of the cards on the table and any other letters you need – whether they’re visible or not. Of course, the idea is to use as many of the cards as possible to rake in the biggest score you can (other letters score nothing), with harder letters offering bonus points. It’s a fun, smart twist on the formula – although you’ll never be able to blame a bad draw again." - Tabeltop Gaming Monthly

"I really think that anyone who likes word games will like this one. It offers a new twist on old classics without feeling like it’s just a new version. It does reward players with a large vocabulary, but doesn’t outright punish someone for using smaller words, as long as they use a good number of the provided letters... Ninja Approved!" - GameGeek.Ninja

"Traditional word games have long used the limiting letter concept for game play. Wordsy brings a refreshing look at word games by removing those constraints. The result, which may sound like an oxymoron, is an action packed word game. Fast, fun, and challenging, Wordsy allows you to finally use all those words you can never seem to fit into daily conversation."Gaming Trend

"Overall, it's an excellent word game. With its small footprint, easy-to-learn rules, quick playtime, and entertaining gameplay, Wordsy will earn a space in many collections, from families to discerning gamers. Highly recommended." - Eric Buscemi, The Cardboard Hoard/WDYPTW podcast

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